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On Simon Paparo's "Alchemy:" Possible, Pure, and Perfect

Simon Paparo taps into a sun-drenched optimism on a celebratory new single “Alchemy.” The stylistic variation incorporates elements of folk, country, and pop in a way that feels distinctly his own. With a keen ear for melody, he delivers something that would not feel out of place on an early Coldplay album, especially their giddy “Yellow.” His voice has a commanding crystal clarity to it with its honeyed effect reminiscent of the Fleet Foxes in their halcyon days. Done with so much energy and passion, the song is propelled forward with a galloping rhythm that feels absolutely unburdened and free.

               Bright guitar strums introduce the piece. Nicely setting the tone for what follows the whole of the track, evolving quite quickly. The nice drum kick adds to the sense of anticipation while his voice soars above the fray. From there the riffs start to neatly blend with the rhythm to create a fantastic groove. Lyrically poetic, each verse is carefully balanced and gives a sense of life and purpose. By reflecting on the shortness of life, a spirit of carpe diem takes shape. Layer upon layer is incorporated into the stream of consciousness as the rest of the arrangement gradually comes into view becoming a living, breathing entity. Here the song eventually bursts into a radiant series of colours for its gorgeous finale.   

“Alchemy” shows off the deft skill of Simon Paparo in creating a universe where everything seems possible, pure, and perfect.


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