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On “The Wind in Your Sails” the quieter of the two, they opt for a gentler touch.

Tiger Moths - The Wind in Your Sails/You Really Don't Know

Tiger Moths prove to have an expansive, elaborate range on the sprawling “The Wind in Your Sails/You Really Don’t Know”. With a tasteful tact they draw favourable comparisons to such groups as Grizzly Bear’s uncannily beautiful chamber pop alongside the more garage-rock inclined weirdos such as Harlem. By bringing these two impulses together however they seem to celebrate the history of rock while showing a way forward in a spirit of pure authenticity. Best played loud, very loud, there is such raw grit and soul poured into these two tracks.

On “The Wind in Your Sails” the quieter of the two, they opt for a gentler touch. Here the sound has a reverence to it for it shows off their ability to hold back. Melodies have a vivid lushness about them for there is something exquisite about the way they focus primarily on the sweet pristine vocals that serve as the very heart of it all. Lyrics too have a thoughtfulness to them with each verse seemingly building off the last. For the flipside “You Really Don’t Know” they turn that impulse on its head with a devil be damned attitude. The defiance and sheer urgency of the work is something to be admired as their enthusiasm is something truly wonderful to fully behold as they burn through the track length.

Done with a sense of pure rock n’roll timelessness, sidestepping trends for something truly classic, the Tiger Moths offer up bright brilliant song on “The Wind in Your Sails/You Really Don’t Know”.

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