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“Once Upon A Time (feat. SoulChef)” - love in a way that possesses such vulnerability.

Chima Anya - Once Upon A Time (feat. SoulChef)

Chima Anya taps into an old-school hip-hop style on the sun-drenched style of “Once Upon A Time (feat. SoulChef)”. Rhythms contain multitudes for they roll on through with such swagger. Flows here are fantastic full of a tremendous amount of wordplay. Exceptional storytelling takes hold of the piece for the way it all has a blissed-out quality goes for a sense of purpose, one that has such tenderness about it. Layered samples work wonders as the way they weave the chorus line into the mix further adds to its sense of purpose. In fact, the usage of the chorus is something of an unexpected delight, showing off a true ear for melody.

They do not waste a moment for right from the beginning the mood is set. Melodies have a lived-in, fully breathing quality to them. Easygoing in nature the entirety of the piece opts for the reflective, the way that relationships can stay in the mind for much longer than once imagined. People stay with each other, building lives together, and understanding where the other one is coming from. Such affection seems to be punctuated perfectly by the way that the samples seem to burst with colour. Beats here take a bit of a backseat for it is the bass that truly drives the song across. The power of his vocals proves to be exceptional as it contains such a kind and gentle spirit, one that becomes ever more potent with each reiteration of the sample.

“Once Upon A Time (feat. SoulChef)” delivers an impeccable, timeless piece about love in a way that possesses such vulnerability.



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