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“One Day” showcases the raw talent of Dawn Somek.

Dawn Somek – One Day

Dawn Somek’s tender tones touch the very soul on the lovely “One Day”. Sung like a true classic, her voice possesses a quiet power. The way it references the singer-songwriter ethos of the 70s while firmly rooted in the present day is masterful. Lyrics have a thoughtfulness to them, an awareness and interior dialogue that helps to give the piece its confessional, kind demeanor. Rooted in folk, she also incorporates a bit of twee pop’s delicate melodies within the carefully laid-out grooves. Intimacy comes from the pared-down arrangement which keeps things to the utmost of essentials.

Her voice and the guitar work in unison to create this bright, airy atmosphere. The poetry of the verse feels poignant as it asks the question everyone at some point asks “what about me?”. She sings with such pathos that every word is given such weight, such lived-in spirit behind it. From afar the rest of the sound gradually builds up. As this is a rather gentle piece, this buildup happens gradually while maintaining the unique pastoral hues that radiate throughout. By the time the song is heading to a close, all of these many elements sweep up ever so sweetly, akin to leaves being blown by a fragile breeze, as the rest of the piece whirls around the listener in a purely natural fashion.

“One Day” showcases the raw talent of Dawn Somek in sculpting a serene sonic universe that feels so warm and inviting.


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