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Palco offers a chilled out to its very core track with the soulful “Painless”.

Palco – Painless

Palco offers a chilled out to its very core track with the soulful “Painless”. Her voice contains multitudes for the verses nimbly play amongst each other. The exploration of falling into a relationship feels particularly vulnerable for she holds nothing back at all. Arrangements have a neat tidy electronic flair, bringing in elements of indie, pop, and a genteel dance-like grace to the whole thing. Melodies have a sophisticated urbane feel about them. One gets the sense of place within the song, of trying to simply exist when love finds you and it feels like such a rush. Nor does it sprawl – she keeps things quite concise, lovely in their simplicity.

Unsteady chords introduce the work perfectly accentuating the power of her words. Every single detail gets to shine for there is a spaciousness to the entire work. By keeping things pared down at first it deals with the hesitation that happens when two people start falling for each other. Little stabs of the synthesizer have a buoyancy to them. Percussion here has a gentleness to them, fragile, delicate, and quite beautiful. Over the course of the work the buildup happens with such patience, trying to hold back that emotion. For the final stretch of the work the song begins to let go, to fall into a sense of romance, one that has a careful considered cadence to it.

On the infinitely joyous “Painless” Palco proves to be a skilled narrator going for a universal theme that everybody has experienced, mostly for the better.



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