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Panem's 'The Empty Man' crafts a sound that defies easy categorization.

Panem - The Empty Man

A classic hard rock spirit emerges on Panem’s soulful “The Empty Man”. Done with the greatest level of care, the song has a tremendous animalistic fervour to it. By far the true heart and soul comes from the intensity of the vocalist. Every verse is chosen with care for maximum impact as it all works together in a heady, magnificent brew. Layer upon layer is executed with such clear-eyed, razor-sharp focus resulting in something that has a fervent spirit behind it. Nor do they hold anything back for the rhythm has a certain confident swagger to it, partly the result of her impeccable vocals and the way that the drums embrace a force of nature cadence.

Right from the beginning they are out in full force, with a fevered pitch taking hold over the course of the entire work. The sprawling cadence feels quite justified and full of a yearning passion. With this fiery ethos the rest of the tracks grows in terms of sheer size. Volume is a must and they employ it quite liberally throughout, making sure to become an unwieldly force. Guitars move in lockstep with the massive weight of the rhythm section, as it all has a great strength to it, one that means the many patterns that underpin it gradually expand, until they become completely and utterly inescapable in the best way possible.

“The Empty Man” shows off the undeniable chops of Panem in crafting a sound that defies easy categorization and has a true timelessness to it.



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