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Paperclipz Is Bridging The Gap Between Rap And Tech

Paperclipz is a multitalented young artist with a strong claim to fame. Based in Miami by way of Detroit, Michigan, he’s taken the 305 (and the 313) by storm with his knowledge is music, art, and business. With sharp skills in both, Paperclipz is bridging the gap between rap and tech. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Paperclipz has always carried a certain level of force with him. The Motor City is known for its fast moving and flashy lifestyle breeding it’s young inhabitants into hustlers, constantly looking to one up competition and make a quick buck. While pursuing a musical career, Paperclipz relocated to Miami where he quickly found himself working as a videographer for the city’s top artists. His strong association with industry favorites have given him a leg ahead of his peers, taking him to places such as the VMAs and Miami’s best nightclubs. Paperclipz also has also established himself well in the NFT community, cultivating projects and becoming a notable member of the crypto scene in Miami. Follow Paperclipz on Instagram below and stay updated on his journey.



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