“Paradise” shows brz & Mylo MU in capturing the zeitgeist.

brz & Mylo MU – Paradise

brz & Mylo MU spit pure fire on the existential “Paradise”. With a thoughtful, introspective take on hip-hop, the whole of the track forces the listener to confront their reality. The production here has a smoky, noir quality to it without outright needing to sample anything. Much more in common with Andy Stott’s lush productions, the song takes its time with tempos that glide on by in an effortless way. Atmosphere matters a great deal as it all has an almost shoegaze-like warmth to it.

The crackling sounds of the vinyl about to catch the groove adds to the sense of timelessness that defines the whole of the piece. Upon the vocals first entering into the fray the colorful glow of the keyboards has a mysterious aura to them. Nearly futuristic with the vocal delivery the sweeping motions of the sound gives it a symphonic quality. Cyclical in nature, the looping hypnotic trance underpins the narrative that begins to take shape over the course of the piece. Asking the deep questions, there is a yearning, a desire for something more. Lyrics here are delivered with poise as every verse is delicately balanced for maximum impact. Percussion here underscores the sense of deep introspection that takes shape over the course of the track – one that does not result in clear and easy answers but something much more eternal.

“Paradise” shows brz & Mylo MU in capturing the zeitgeist and the difficult reflection that is going on in the world – of who we are and who we should be.


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