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Parris Robbo delivers fiery flows on the intense trip of “Fail Thoughts”.

Parris Robbo - Fail Thoughts

Parris Robbo delivers fiery flows on the intense trip of “Fail Thoughts”. With a beat that has an industrial gleam to it, the way that he rides the beat proves to be quite exceptional. He speaks truth to power as well for his lyrics possess a degree of defiance that makes them a joy. But the real takeaway is his delivery – his rapid, quick fire pace proves to be an absolute joy to behold, for very few rappers possess this sort of uncanny skill. At times he even touches upon the densely packed Busta Rhymes in terms of the sheer level of detail he throws in. The melody here has an austere electro quality, as if hip-hop as envisioned by a hint of Autechre.

The tech-baroque introduction works wonders in setting the mood. With the stately melody, there is a gracefulness to it. Upon his vocals entering into the fray things get started in earnest. Virtually popping with endless wordplay, a large part of the thrill of his delivery is the sheer force of nature that is his lyrical mastery. Great powerful punctuation works wonders as he manages to weave an entire tapestry of sound, one that becomes absolutely beguiling to behold. Despite the short length of the piece he brings so much into it, pouring out his very heart and soul into every possible inch of the sound, giving it a personal touch.

“Fail Thoughts” shows off Parris Robbo’s classic approach that effortlessly sidesteps any sort of trendiness for a timeless touch.



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