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PASES holds nothing back on the sheer wall of sound that is “Cyanide//KILL YA”.

PASES – Cyanide//KILL YA

PASES holds nothing back on the sheer wall of sound that is “Cyanide//KILL YA”. Volume feels intense. The sheer physicality of the track crushes everything in its path. Industrial, electro, EDM, trap, and pop merge into a coherent whole. With clever vocal treatment the song races forward in a glorious blur making sure that the delirious rush never stops. Rhythms have a patience, persistent quality to them. Lyrics go for a nightmarish quality to them for the song makes sure to flirt with the idea of a full, complete collapse. Bass rumbles through going so deep into the red, with the distortion an absolute joy to behold. All of it features its own spirit, one that draws from Alice Glass’s sense of pure animalistic fury for it has a cryptic quality.

They waste no time for the song starts up immediately. Buildup of the sound occurs with a take no prisoner approach. Over the course of the experience the song becomes further weighed down with this unflinchingly honest portrayal. Word choice matters for the verses get woven together in a way that feels gorgeous to explore. Everything about it has a heaviness to it for there is a beauty about it. Riffs here perfectly merge with the groove itself. Becoming ever more unruly the song gets more unhinged with the track losing control. For the final stretch of the atmosphere the many elements bounce around. Done with dignity the track stuns with a sense of pure unrest.

A fantastic series of sounds collide on PASES’s “Cyanide//KILL”.



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