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Pavit Sanghera delves into a deliriously decadent world on the steamy “Fake Love”

Pavit Sanghera - Fake Love

A sultry soulful piece of R&B, Pavit Sanghera goes for a thought-provoking work on the thoughtful “Fake Love”. Her voice has such a yearning expressiveness and the rest of the band follows suit. From the graceful glide of the guitar to the low-key rhythms that underpin it all there is a joy to be found in the way that the whole thing unspools. Nothing here ever feels rushed for there is a sense of purpose that permeates the entirety of the piece. By layering so much into the mix while retaining its crystal clarity, Pavit goes for a timeless kind of beauty, one that lingers on.

Gentle guitar work introduces the track, delicate and lovely to behold. Her voice has a breathy, intimacy to it one that feels quite beautiful as it unfurls with a sense of wonder. Through allowing the many layers to intermingle the song gains a heady quality to it. Usage of modified vocals within the fray further add to the sheer lushness of the work, one that always has a sundrenched spirit. Lyrics further emphasize this sense of space, for the way that the sounds sprawl out gives them a true sense of life. Melodies have a richness to them as they wrap around the listener as if in a delicate haze. Everything swirls about for the faded colors add to the textural majesty of the track, giving it a refined air.

Pavit Sanghera delves into a deliriously decadent world on the steamy “Fake Love”.



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