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PENELOPE embraces an energetic take on pop on the glamourous “BiConic”.


PENELOPE embraces an energetic take on pop on the glamourous “BiConic”. Full of life, the song has such a confidence to it. Everything here virtually shoots up into the sky. Hooks aplenty adorn the entirety of the track. Lyrics rest at the very center of the entire work. EDM, disco, pop, and more get filtered into the mix. A celebration of sexuality occurs with gleeful abandon for they absolutely race forward at this sense of pure joy. The way it offers no judgment feels majestic as the buildup of the groove adds to the physicality of it all.

From that initial burst of sound, she speeds through the track. Lots of optimism pours into the equation. The sense of purpose that the piece celebrates adds to its intrinsic beauty. Layer upon layer filters into the fray adding to its highly addictive sensibility. Melodies shimmer in the sparking production values. Best of all there is a keen sense of driving, propulsive rhythm that blasts all the way from beginning to end. Word choice explores the concept of sexuality with the utmost of care. She makes sure never to flinch from this deep dive. Making sure to represent the sense of sexuality with ease the rest of the track swirls about with its own tender touch. For the final stretch it becomes a virtual party refusing to ever let up.

“BiConic” revels in the exquisite detail of PENELOPE for her track is an almost banger, the sort of thing to get the party started.



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