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Pennan Brae proves himself to be a pop smith of the greatest caliber.

Pennan Brae - Weed & Whisky Women (Distilled Mix)

Pennan Brae takes on a chilled-out tropical vibe on the sun-drenched spirit of “Weed & Whisky Women (Distilled Mix)”. A nice blend of electro, pop, and dub reggae merge into a singular satisfying whole. The song has a dream-like state to it as there is a dazed, confused quality to it. Vocals swim through this infinite space completely free to roam. By allowing all of these elements lots of space there is a surrealist quality behind it. Grooves have a lightness to them as they roll on by without any sense of urgency. Atmosphere proves to be the main draw here as the sound has a natural quality about it.

From the first moment they set the tenor of the track. Done with such dignity they ensure that the multifaceted, multilayered approach maintains that initial low-key spark about it. Every little element gets fully magnified for there is a care about which they let the evolution happen. Small gestures, the kind that could easily be ignored, filter into the fray, proving them to be a particularly patient group. Melody matters here for it is woven into every nook and cranny of the track, making sure that it swirls about in fine majestic hues. With no limits the hazy quality of the piece seems to almost evaporate away as it comes to a close.

“Weed & Whisky Woman (Distilled Mix)” has a great presence about it, proving Pennan Brae to be a pop smith of the greatest caliber.



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