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Perry Ripley brings the old and new together on the instant classic sound of “Cocaine Love”.

Perry Ripley - Cocaine Love

Perry Ripley brings the old and new together on the instant classic sound of “Cocaine Love”. A mixture of industrial, the blues, rock, and more the song swirls about in a noirish haze. Her voice pierces through the darkness, with a fire that feels extraordinary. Everything about it has an acute balance one that never holds back. Over the course of the experience, she makes sure that the growth of the sound itself feels living. Guitar work has a delicacy to it, for the rest of the group builds up around that essential anchor. With each additional cycle it becomes a more potent force, one truly to be admired.

From the first moment there is a careful holding back. Various pieces fall into place with her voice shining through. The heaviness of the atmosphere becomes unavoidable for every single flourish gets magnified. Lyrics cascade downwards for there is a degree of respect that emerges out of the experience, one that feels quite extraordinary. Unlike much out there right now, by the time the industrial ethos enters the equation it feels highly original. Few have managed to successfully fuse the seemingly disparate genres of the blues and industrial. Yet Perry recognizes the inherent mournfulness of both making sure that they are intermingling in a fantastic fashion. By the final stretch the bright bursts of distortion and chaos become all-consuming for the piece seemingly collapses.

“Cocaine Love” features the tremendous power of Perry Ripley in creating an atmosphere that washes over the listener.



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