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Pete Sahaidachny touches upon a casual cool on the soothing sensibility of “Skeletons”.

Pete Sahaidachny – Skeletons

Pete Sahaidachny touches upon a casual cool on the soothing sensibility of “Skeletons”. Stylistically varied, he takes inspiration from genres as disparate as post-rock, ambient, progressive rock, and even a hint of jazz entering into the mix. The result of all of this is something that has a living, breathing quality to it. Intimate to its core the evolution of the sound feels so subtle. By allowing the groove plenty of room to roam the piece has a delicacy to it. Vocals perfectly adapt to this environment, with his voice having a deep reassuring presence about it. Nor do they rush a thing, for atmosphere is of the essence. Everything at times seems to outright hover about.

A heartbeat from the drums introduces the work. From there the song focuses on a casual cool groove, one that recalls a bit of the Sea and Cake’s contemplative ode. Lyrics have a light poetry to them. Details matter. Every word here adds to the intricate world they are exploring in full. Polished production further ensures that their gestures are captured with the right degree of care. Within the sound itself, there is a beauty to behold, for it all has a limberness to it. Small gestures add to the emotional heft of the piece itself, for the lyrics have a vulnerability to them that is undeniably sweet.

“Skeletons” revels in the exquisite detail of Pete Sahaidachny’s work for he creates a sound that wraps around the listener in the best possible way.



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