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“Please Baby Please” shows off the undeniable talent of Ruiz!

- Please Baby Please

Ruiz! explores the intersection of surf rock meets psychedelic rock on the wild trip of “Please Baby Please”. The animalistic impulses of the sound drive the track forward with such krautrock-like precision. Vocals here further add to the disorienting daze of the work while it explores such gorgeous textures and does so with such ease. Layer upon layer is added with the utmost of care with the end result being a kaleidoscopic journey through the very psyche, with elements of desire underpinning the whole of the journey.

Darkened impulses immediately open the track up on a high note, as the synthesizer and guitar weave themselves together to become one. Everything else comes into place quite quickly, as the rhythm starts to come together into a steady pulse of a groove. Upon the inclusion of vocals into the fray things really get started as the lyrics focus on a yearning. This sense of desire proves to be the very centre of the sound, from which all else flows. By allowing this to take over the song gains a degree of urgency, nicely complemented by the bassline that runs through the whole thing. Nothing ever feels particularly rushed for much of the song seems to focus on the idea of a waiting game, of hoping for something to happen.

“Please Baby Please” shows off the undeniable talent of Ruiz! in propelling a surreal soundscape in a way that feels so stunning to behold.

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