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Premiere: Let Pete Beat Entertain You With Versatile New Album Out Today

Premiere: Let Pete Beat Entertain You With Versatile New Album Out Today Pete Beat is one of those artists who keep delivering over and over. He is not new to the game, having released many singles and a couple of albums already, but this latest release proves he is only getting started. There’s so much packed into 11 songs that you begin to realise Pete Beat will never run out of ideas! Following on from three individual single releases which began with ‘Drinking Lager’ in January, calling at ‘Homesick Night’ in February and ‘Before The War’ in March, we can now dig into the full album! Hailing from the North-East, UK, Pete Beat combines sharp humour and wit with something a little more melancholic. There’s an eeriness to many of his tracks and a sense of longing, but this off-set with more tongue-in-cheek tracks. This lovely balance reflects life itself; we’re all in the same boat really, going through the motions. There are set-backs and obstacles, moments of revelation and of joy, and this is an album celebrating life in all its shades.

Personal stand-out tracks for us include the ‘Be My Love’ with a catchy and quirky rhythm, strings and piano all perfectly intertwining. Feeling a little left-out and longing for love, standing in the wings of life - this track will be one we can all relate to in some way. ‘Last of the Ravers’ has more of a dance vibe and will launch you full-throttle into a psychological Pete Beat disco. ‘Concert with a Fool’ brings it down a notch, with a more mellow, lonesome feel. We love all of the moments of contrast within this album, yet how it all pulls together so well. Pete is performing at Lindisfarne Festival 2021 on the Thursday evening. Pete's live set involves him and an acoustic guitar, singing some of his favourite compositions without electronics or elaborate orchestration, giving the most raw experience of his songs. ‘Before The War’ the album is out now across all major platforms! Pete Beat also has merch for sale via his website. Check Out Pete Beat on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE



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