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PrYmary Colours employs a sense of pure defiance on “I’m Here Now”.

PrYmary Colours - I'm Here Now

PrYmary Colours employs a sense of pure defiance on “I’m Here Now”. With a distinct new 80s futuristic disco hybrid, the song races forward. Layer upon layer gets added into the fray. There is an inherently playful disposition to the entire track reflected in all aspects. From her lyricism, she lets the genealogy of her work as an effective focal point. Usage of the retro leanings further lends a classic quality to it, one that feels quite vibrant. Thanks in large part to the delicate balance the piece possesses a sense of true heart.

Brittle synthesizer stabs start things out with gusto. Never really wavering from that origin it comes into full bloom quite quickly. Her vocals serve to center the journey. Over the course of the journey she makes sure that the listener truly understands her – her roots, her past, present and future. Cleverly she also highlights some of the elements that came to try and bring her down. Yet there is an inherent positivity to the song that helps to guide it along. Full of such a fresh, jubilant tact the work has a giddy groove that glides ever so delicately. Even the beats here have a fragility to them, as if at any moment they could come undone. For the finale the song seemingly rises above giving it a truly epic quality.

“I’m Here Now” shows off the incredible lyricism of PrYmary Colours for she tells the tale of her entire life, done with the greatest of ease.


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