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“Purple Acai” shows off Mindset’s naturalistic flair and easy-going flow

Mindset effortlessly blends hip-hop with mellow garage rock on the carefree “Purple Acai”. A great flair for lyricism runs through the entirety of the track. Guitar licks serve as a perfect counterpoint to the sheer power of his voice. Incredible wordplay radiates, helping to give the track a playful quality. The exploration of relationships feels fresh as he intermingles elements of pop culture in for effect. Beats have a nimbleness for they opt for a skittering quality rather than being front and centre of the entire approach, nicely added for emotional emphasis.

Not a moment is wasted, for Mindset gets the mood set immediately. Guitar work has a flexibility to it as it weaves through his verses with care. Everything is in service of those lyrics that are on the right side of defiant. Delivered with a hint of hope, the way they refuse to be let down by the end of a relationship, has a particular joy to it. With a virtual gleam in his eye he lets the story grow in scope, moving on from the past and looking forward to the future. Turns of phrase work wonders thanks in part to his close attention to detail, making sure every moment matters. All of it comes together nimbly, giving the song a great display of colour as it seeps through every single gesture, small and large.

“Purple Acai” shows off Mindset’s naturalistically flair and easy-going flow with style.


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