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“Push and Pull” has a romanticism to it as KTEE reflects upon the strange navigation.

KTEE - Push and Pull

Poignant lyricism describing the raw realness of that first moment of love that defines a person, KTEE’s “Push and Pull” has a universality to it that is hard to resist. Within this piece, KTEE gets real with the listener drawing from her own experience. This honesty works wonders for the whole of the piece, with its impeccable poise and polish. She sings from her past looking back on her life with that additional knowledge that comes only with time and only with the inevitability of hurt that falling head over heels for someone often gives. Her voice has a commanding, soulful presence to it. Rooted in pop, her balladry possesses just the right degree of soulfulness for the verses mean a lot – they are quite literally her life lived to the fullest.

Right from the beginning, her voice serves as the main focal point from which all else flows – from the infinitely infectious rhythm to the grandeur of the melody, it all works in service of a greater truth – that of finding true love. She sings from a life of experience, and her uncanny ability to share from her heart gives the song a raw honesty that is doubly refreshing. Growing in unexpectedly gorgeous ways, it has a classic cadence to it one that simply stuns.

“Push and Pull” has a romanticism to it as KTEE reflects upon the strange navigation that is so often required to understand appreciate, and grow from the relationships that don’t make it, while still possessing just the right amount of hope that convinces us to keep on trying to find true love.


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