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R O B B E E goes right for the heart of the matter on the neon-hued glow of “MAD LOVE”.


An updated take on classic 80s pop, R O B B E E goes right for the heart of the matter on the neon-hued glow of “MAD LOVE”. Melodies have a tremendous richness to them. The many layers intermingle to create something that feels fantastic. Beats have a nimbleness to them. Nods to groups like the revivalist Neon Indian and the old school style of Prince further adds to the glistening glimmering production. Everything within the sound has a joyousness to it. Hooks aplenty add to welcoming, warmth of the work. Infectious elements such as the luxurious amount of production and the arrangement itself adds to the grandeur.

Swirling on through the song comes into focus quite quickly. From there the rest of the sound enters into the fray. His vocals feature a grandeur all about it. Layer upon layer is nicely balanced into the work for there is a great degree of color that is brought into the atmosphere. Done with such power behind it the song builds up and shifts in fantastic ways. Everything about the song has a prettiness about it, for the polished perfection of the feels wonderful. All of it features a degree of care. Word choice matters for the work blooms in lighter, brighter ways. Virtually rushing on through for the finale of the song it seems to create on up.

“MAD LOVE” swirls on through in loud bright colors with R O B B E E proving to be an exceptionally gifted storyteller.



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