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Raising Awareness Of The Climate Crisis, Davey Long and his Band bring Flesh & Blood.

Davey Long - Flesh & Blood

The climate crisis takes centre-stage as Davey Long releases Flesh & Blood. Inspired by pop-rock legends such as U2, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie, Davey Long has a well-crafted artisan style that sounds great. The band, comprised of Dave Gough on bass, Rob Larkin on keyboards, Shane O’Dwyer and Eoin Drennan on guitars, and James Delahunty on synth, Davey Long provides vocals to complete the formula. Produced by Long himself and Martin Quinn of Jam Studios, the track is radio-ready and also boasts an intriguing video. Since appearing on several big-success productions such as Celtic Woman's Grammy-nominated record Destiny and Past and Present Collide by the Fundamentals, Davey Long has established himself as a prominent lead artist as well, thanks to his awesome band.

A sudden vocal brings out the sunshine as piano radiates in harmony. Strong lead voice from Davey Long threads the sound through the fabric as the band emphasise each bar. Drums and guitar join the surge, and the chorus pans out into a bluesy melodic interlude. Harmonising chords with progressive passages meander through the singing to reinvent the feelings each time they pass. We can feel the passion in the delivery from each member. Skilled musicianship provides a wave-swept shore sensation as the driftwood gently rolls past the breakers.



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