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Random Access delves into a potent slice of Americana.

Random Access - Jewel in the Crown (Ballymore Park)

Random Access delves into a potent slice of Americana on the emotionally resonant “Jewel in the Crown (Ballymore Park)”. Done with such tenderness, he keeps things to the absolute essentials. The arrangement always radiates a degree of intimacy about it, for it never needs to raise its voice. His vocals have a conversational quality to them, akin to talking to a dear old friend. Guitar work further adds to this sense of space for it has a devotional hue to it, neatly matching the vocalist’s own energy. Even when the rhythm gets started, they keep it mellow making sure that the song has a meditative spirit behind it.

Things begin on a reverent note, for it is only the guitar and vocals at first. Setting the mood for what follows, they begin to allow a bit of bliss into the scope of things, as the memories of the sound come into view coloured in a wonderful yellowed nostalgia. Upon the rhythm entering into the song, it begins in true earnest. Always taking its time there is a relaxed quality to the way that they filter all the many layers of sound into a singular, cohesive whole. The bass line in particular has a wonder behind it, for it seems to ground the rest of the sound. Everything about this features such a heartfelt quality for it touches the very soul.

“Jewel in the Crown (Ballymore Park)” shows off Random Access’s deft skill in exploring an entire time and place in a kind, compassionate way.



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