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Randy Beth goes for a decadent pop perfection on “kaleidoscope”.

Randy Beth – kaleidoscope

Randy Beth goes for a decadent pop perfection on “kaleidoscope”. Done with the greatest amount of dignity, there is a hopefulness that guides the song along. Aptly named the song possesses so much color. Neon-hued with its splendor there is so much love to be found within its many layers. With a laid-back tempo the rest of the work unspools at a deliberate pace. Production proves essential for the high-fidelity spirit helps to emphasize the sheer power of her words. By far the highlight comes from her vocals which are sung with such grace and care.

From the very beginning she sets the tone. The song comes into focus quite quickly for the way it floats on by adds to its majesty. A truly infectious hook takes over to further cement the good feelings that radiate throughout. Much like having a conversation with a dear old friend there is a lot to like within its many layers. Over the course of the journey the twists and turns the track takes feels inspired. Nods to classic pop, of the 90s variety, definitely emerge over the course of the journey. Every word chosen with care this is a piece that has a beating heart right in the center of it all. Great melodies bloom throughout further adding to its delicate sensibility. By the finale it all gets tied together in a way that has such style to it.

“kaleidoscope” revels in the exquisite detail of Randy Beth, for she manages to craft an entire universe within the track.



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