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Raventador goes for a wild western fervour with “Taste Of Texas”.

Raventador - Taste Of Texas

Raventador goes for a wild western fervour with “Taste Of Texas”. With the right level of playfulness, they go for the jugular. Bass and guitar riffs embody an intense urgency about it for they power on through with fury. Vocals capture this animalistic spirit for the drums work overtime to ensure that the trance is never broken. The volume is a given for this is a sound that needs to be played loud. Effortlessly sidestepping trends, they go for an atmosphere that is a bit more timeless. By allowing this to all roll through they even touch upon that live feeling of an in person show, one that offers just the perfect welcoming presence.

No time is wasted the bring the listener right into the sound immediately. Guitar work conveys imagery of vast, wide-open spaces. All of it has its own power to it, one that has a force of nature to it. Kept simple yet effective, they bring together bits of garage rock, western rock, and even some lo-fi elements into the fray. Rather than add too much into the mix, they instead allow the energy to become electric in a sense. Distortion reigns supreme for they let themselves go, further emphasizing this living, breathing quality that the whole track possesses. By the final they tie it all together in a bright, brilliant burst of colour.

“Taste Of Texas” revels in a bit of a blissfulness, for Raventador goes straight for the heart and soul with their bluesy rendition on the classic rock sound.



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