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RAVENTADOR goes for the jugular on the wild feral presence of “PORRM”.


Hard-hitting take-no-prisoners riffs lumber through on the sheer force of nature that is RAVENTADOR’s “PORRM”. Everything about it hits hard – from the shouted vocals to the onslaught of the drums to the true highlight, those incredible crushing riffs. Guitars here take front and center stage for theirs is an unwieldly power one that chugs along with clear-eyed focus. Determination helps the track come on through without a single thing to stop it. Indeed, the song destroys absolutely everything in its path proving to one of those hard rock tracks that truly lives up to the name.

Volume needs to be blasted as theirs is a sound that feels so brutal. Interplay here matters and the way they listen to each other reveals that. By allowing the churning groove to grow and grow, it becomes an unwieldly beast something that proves to be a vast wall of sound that crashes down. Rooted in hard rock, they bring up elements of metal, classic rock, grunge, and even a slight hint of industrial into the proceedings. Full of such righteous fury it powers on through with a viciousness that is highly satisfying to behold. So often hard rock does not actually rock this hard, yet they are aware of exactly what they must do in order to fully build the sound out. Thus, the whole of the piece expands out into the infinite becoming almost hypnotic with its powerful grooves that have a rage behind them.

RAVENTADOR goes for the jugular on the wild feral presence of “PORRM”.



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