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Rayka Blake brings the fire and fury on the wild country ride of “Nevermore”.

Rayka Blake – Nevermore

Rayka Blake brings the fire and fury on the wild country ride of “Nevermore”, produced by Pietro Foresti. Volume is an absolute must for the whole of the work feels beautiful. The guitar riffs race on through perfectly punctuating the power of the piece. Layer upon layer adds to the sound making sure that there is a loveliness to it. Her voice remains front and center, mixed with real skill. Elements of country, the blues, classic rock, and more enter into the equation. By delicately placing all these styles together they help to accentuate the sheer strength of her lyricism.

From the first moment the band comes into full swing. Every single aspect of it feels carefully considered. Rhythms here possess a righteousness to them for they hold absolutely nothing back at all. Despite the intensity of the instrumental interplay, her voice rises above the rest of the sound delivered with a sense of passion. The defiance of her word choice further adds to the sense of yearning that the permeates the whole piece. By demanding to be in charge, to be her own self, there is a gentle spirit that comes into the fray one that feels ever so soothing. Allowing the sound to build itself up feels righteous too, adding a degree of soulfulness into the equation. Rather poignant in her performance she does not hold a single thing back as the finale feels truly flawless.

“Nevermore” shows off Rayka Blake’s impeccable craftsmanship in creating a stunning sound that feel like a bona fide classic.



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