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“Reaching for the sky” revels in the exquisite attention to detail that Venus as a boy shows.

Venus as a boy - Reaching for the sky

Venus as a boy bursts forth with childlike innocence on the lovely optimism of “Reaching for the sky”. Everything here has a yellowed nostalgic hue about it. Melodies flutter about always moving. The vocal treatment feels fantastic, for there are bits of Boards of Canada’s adventurous happy early pieces. Beats have a downtempo, hip-hop vibe to them for there is a dazed, hazy atmosphere that washes over everything. Small yet significant changes matter a great deal for there is a lot packed within this very bite-size snippet of pop.

From the first moment the tone of the track starts up immediately. The elements of glitch have a lightness to them, with the delicate touch feeling fantastic. All of has a grandeur to it. References to Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and more into the mix. Evolution of the whole work has a futuristic bubblegum pop aspect to it, adding to the soulfulness. Unexpected twists and turns to the work adds to the unexpected and joyous quality for it seemingly wafts into the air. Kept in a bit of a daze, the lush production further adds to the tenderness of the tones, as they opt for a kind compassionate appeal. By the finale the vocals have become clear, helping to propel the piece towards its well-deserved and ambitious finale.

“Reaching for the sky” revels in the exquisite attention to detail that Venus as a boy shows, with the melodies and message lingering in the mind long after the track has ended.



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