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Realma's “A Hint of Pink” delves deep into the innermost workings of the very heart of desire.

Realma - A Hint of Pink

Realma explores an ancient mysticism with divine grace on “A Hint of Pink”. Sung with such soul the way she marries folk, classical, and ambient into a singular whole is gorgeous. Her voice has an almost animalistic presence to it for she utilizes tension to a large degree always ensuring that every single gesture truly matters, from the cymbal crashes to the epic drone-like quality that the vocals oftentimes possess. Melodies too opt for the delicate, for the fragile for in an instant they could all be swept away. By exploring this fleeting quality, she uncovers a magical way of being.

The hushed whispers of the first few moments grow louder and louder until at last the whole of the track comes into view. Deep hits of the drum add to the reverent quality of the piece, with each hit reverberating far beyond the initial impulse. It is the usage of decay that makes the track a unique creature where the space in between notes adds to the sense of yearning that permeates the whole of the track. A crescendo is being built one that incorporates a greater array of layers into the overall mix until the heady brew simply bubbles over, bursting forth in a dazzling array of different textures, always there but previously somewhat muted as the ember of fire in her voice fully flames up in a feral passionate performance.

“A Hint of Pink” revels in the unknown, as Realma delves deep into the innermost workings of the very heart of desire.

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