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“Red Snow” shows off Hazy’s impeccable lyricism in crafting a world that feels so raw and so real.

Hazy - Red Snow

Hazy delves into a soul-bearing sound with the urgency and tragedy of “Red Snow”. Blues, grunge, and hip-hop are carefully woven together to create a sound that feels distinctly his. This blend is done perfectly for Lyrics are sung with such pain, as if an entire life has gone astray. Everything about the storytelling stuns and the intimacy of the sound only further attests to his ability to craft a narrative full of tremendous grit. Intensity reigns supreme for the approach, while quiet, seethes with such force that it almost seems to confront the listener.

The glide of the guitar effortlessly sweeps up the power of his words, working wonders to further emphasize the mood. Details emerge, ones that feel so vivid vulnerable and real that they have a moving quality to them. Every single element further adds to the journey down the rabbit hole, as an exploration of an entire moment becomes all too real. Beats punctuate each verse, going for a hard-hitting hip-hop style, for the bass is fully in charge and utilized in full force. Layer upon layer blends into the colossal mix for there is a tremendous degree of colours incorporated into the track, ones that possess their own darkened hues. His voice though serves as the true focal point, halfway between Alice in Chains and contemporary hip-hop, while refusing to neatly fall into either category. This ambiguity is essential as it informs his thoughtful lyricism.

“Red Snow” shows off Hazy’s impeccable lyricism in crafting a world that feels so raw and so real.

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