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“Redlight” shows Naytiive's exceptional storytelling and how he can set the mood.

Naytiive – Redlight

A futuristic funky sheen wash over Naytiive’s beautiful, blissed-out style of “Redlight”. Hooks aplenty, the song is a truly perfect piece of pop. Sung with true soul and fire, Naytiive explores an entire noir atmosphere within the swirling, beguiling mix. The grooves have a great power behind them for the bass has a steady pulse to it, at times drawing from some of the glimmering cadence of Jamiroquai’s incredible talent. Best of all, the many patterns intermingle and interlock to create this infectious, driving rhythm one that becomes a virtual party unto itself. His vocals though bring the sound home as they favourably compare to some of Weeknd’s most recent efforts.

The beginning of the sound takes a moment to come into focus but when it hits, it fully hits. Riffs run through with a giddiness of sorts, as the entirety of the track does draw a little bit from funk’s early, carefree roots. However, the way that Naytiive employs the sound makes it entirety his own, for right from the start he has a commanding presence on the track. Lyrics flow through the whole piece giving it a regal quality. Interplay within the group feels outright soulful for they all seem to listen to each other, deftly predicting what the next one is going to do. It is this looseness that is one of those almost impossible things to achieve with funk, and Naytiive makes it sound effortless when it is anything but.

“Redlight” features a sly, seductive sort of sound proving Naytiive to be an exceptional storyteller and setter of mood.



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