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Reggaeton meets rap, Oakley Grenell embraces tropical vibes with “Flavour (feat. Ryah Roiall)”.

Oakley Grenell - Flavour (feat. Ryah Roiall)

Reggaeton meets rap, Oakley Grenell embraces tropical vibes with “Flavour (feat. Ryah Roiall)”. Volume is a must for this is the sound that gets parties started. Delivered right in time for the summertime, this is a serious jammer. The evolution of the groove feels wonderful. Nods to dub appear throughout as there is a joyous attitude that radiates over the course of the work. Everything about it has a power to it. Lyrics feature a melodic richness to them for they seemingly blend into the hooks themselves. Kaleidoscopic in nature it is easy to get caught within the whirlwind of activity that occurs within the whole of the adventure.

Nor do they waste a moment for they dive right into the thick of it. From there they make sure it all lets loose, with the many different elements intermingling to create a vast tapestry. Basslines have a careful cadence to them ensuring that every single detail gets accentuated. His flow feels absolutely inviting for there is a playfulness to it, one that seems to mess with the listener. Elements bounce off each other making sure that every single detail gets magnified in the vast expanse. Done with the utmost of care the balance never gets overwhelmed instead the whole experience simply washes over the listener. For the final stretch he lets loose on the mike, gaining in power and in confidence all the way to the last moment.

“Flavour (feat. Ryan Roiall)” offers a stately style, as Oakley Grenell’s presence has a truly commanding presence.



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