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Release Roundup: Cat Turner, Diablo DC, Hook, Odd Numbers & Sea High, Blue Fish Diamond

Here's some rad releases you might have missed over the last few weeks, but should definitely check out. (Above, Cat Turner)

1. Cat Turner - House Plant

Galway based singer/songwriter/producer has released her Debut EP. Her dark indie-pop features vulnerable songwriting, her unique vocals, and clean and emotive production. Check out my personal favourite, "Outside." Cat says about the project, "Really it’s an EP where I look at mine and other peoples crutches and excuses for things. Do you really get to decide what makes up happy in a world that's made up of relationships with others? Are there quick fixes? Does going outside really make that much of a difference? Even with ‘I Need you’, does being pushed too far even really allow you to control your own mind?"

2. Diablo DC - The Losing Game

One of two 2020 releases for the Dublin- based rock band, I love this new one by Diablo DC. The feel good, steady beat has a nostalgic vibe of decades of rock gone by, yup the lads for keepin' it alive. as "Part U2, part Foo, Diablo DC are bringing rock back to Ireland’ Diablo DC has its roots in rock but toes in everything. Tugging on your heartstrings 1 moment (The Losing Game) and getting your hips shaking with intent (Wreckage to Riches) the next."

3. Hook - !

Hook are a three piece Dublin-based New Wave Rock band. Their debut EP, The Losing Game sees them finding their sound: spacey, melodic, and referencing lots of different badges on their jean jacket of rock & roll. Hook says on the project, "Simple. Direct. Nothing fancy with various themes...a Halloween party (Fancy dress), famous movie twists (Spoiler Alert) and simple love (I love the world because you're in it)."

4. Odd Numbers & Sea High- doubt me.

Two members of the Off-Key Collective, Odd Numbers & Sea High have released a chill beat, neo-soul inspired track. I love the airy synths, and the beat that stumbles but never falls. They say, "Touching on experiences of past relationships, Sea High tackles the regrets and insecurities that come along with them. Despite the name, 'doubt me.' is a song of hope that, only in dealing with the woes of the past, looks toward a brighter future and redemption for missteps along the way."

5. Blue Fish Diamond - Lady Marguerite

Dublin based indie folk-rock band "Blue Fish Diamond" have releases a new summery single. The song featues warm vocals, viola bass, and kind interplay between rhodes piano riffs and and lead guitar. They say,“A song about life and love, Lady Marguerite is summer personified.”


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