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Release Roundup: Lloyd John, Mute the TV, Drew Makes Noise, Nobody's Heroes, Mechner

Great Irish music you might have missed that belongs on your summer playlists. (Above: Nobody's Heroes)

Lloyd John - Time Machine

Limerick singer/songwriter Lloyd John has released a new single that’s both delicate and dynamic. It features Lloyd's mature songwriting, developed production, and powerful vocals. I'm excited to see whats next for the the pianist and producer, and can see him at the table next to Irish alt-pop chart toppers. Lloyd has released several singles as well as a well-received Debut EP last summer.

Mute the TV - Only the Good Times Matter

Mute The TV are a two piece band from Greystones consisting of brothers Elliot and Dylan Crampton. Both brothers have been in several musical projects over the last few years - Elliot fronted the band Redwoods and Dylan has been releasing music as Dylan E. Crampton since 2018. Their new project fuses together their respective influences and musical styles, and this tune is their second release. Written in an hour around their mother's kitchen table, neither brother felt it suited their current musical pursuits, and so began Mute the TV. An upbeat track with summer vibes, the song belongs on all of your indie-rock playlists!

Drew Makes Noise - Your Garden Grows

Drew Makes Noise is a Belfast-based bedroom producer, who describes his genre as "psych-pop-prog-rock." I like the audible mix of influences in this track, from the punchy synths to punk guitars to electronic elements melding to create a truly unique track. The layering and attention to detail is also evident. About the song, he says, "It's an ode to love, psychedelia, and my garden."

Nobody’s Heroes - Counting Dates

Nobody's Heroes are a Dubnlin- based four-piece who have been together for over a decade."Counting Dates" is a crowd favourite, and often heard at their high-energy live shows. With wide reaching influences, the band describes themselves as “alternative funk-based indie rock." The tune contains endless Nobody's Heroes signatures: cohesive songwriting, smooth instrumentation, Neo's quick rhymes and buttery vocals, and being all-around catchy as fuck.

Mechner - Wasted

Mechner is a Cork based multi-instrumentalist characterized as "Radiohead meets David Lynch." The bass and drums driven track is equal parts intensity and mellow. He says, ““Wasted” is a single encounter of two young spirited individuals, fuelled by alcohol, crossing paths for one night, in which there is no expectations for the future, but ends with a feeling of general emptiness." Mechner has supported the likes of Dermot Kennedy, Delerentos and The Coronas amongst many others, and will release his debut LP later this year.


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