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REST ACRES prove to be true purveyors of uplifting dance pop on “Wander"

A delirious dance-infused dream REST ACRES creates a soulful, full-bodied experience on the beaming “Wander.” The sheer level of light drenched onto this track make it a thing to be admired. Melodies race through, giving it a 90s trance pop flavour. Full of mindfulness, the heady mix works wonders with its sheer physicality. Volume is an absolute must for it washes over the listener in radiant layers. It all merges together in a multi-faceted way to create a celestial, soothing sound. Build-up matters a great deal, for the small details add up over each reiteration of the sound.

Heavenly, wordless vocals filter into the mix. Environmental echoes into the distance help to give the song a swaying style, as the heavy electronics filter into the mix. The usage and incorporation of natural sounds help to give the song a sense of life. Done with so much optimism, the positivity of the track appears to be infectious. Bringing tactile percussion into the atmosphere further adds to its determined state of being. Without needing to say a single word an entire narrative begins to emerge out of the sound. Various vocals skitter about adding to the unlimited spirit of joy and celebration. For the final stretch the communal tact feels all-consuming as the bass line makes its presence felt nicely, bringing all the parts together for a fantastic finale.

REST ACRES prove to be true purveyors of uplifting dance pop on the burst of energy that is “Wander.”


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