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Rexide explores the vulnerability that relationships inevitably bring.


Rexide explores the vulnerability that relationships inevitably bring on the beautiful flows of “LEANINGTHEWRONGWAY”. Done with the greatest level of intimacy, the lyrics have a great deal of thoughtfulness behind them. Worries about whether a relationship will fade and that initial love long proves to be the central theme of the track from which all else flows. His voice has a steady consistent quality to it, one that explores the innermost feelings that run through the mind. Production seems to emphasize this interior space. Trap hits hit with a poignancy as there is a great physical to the bass within the sound, for every single step forward feels hard fought in a sense.

Clever studio work introduces the track in a perfect way. Almost a hushed awe the way his voice enters into the mix feels assured. Word choice here feels pitch perfect for he adds just the right degree of emphasis on each verse. Balanced perfectly, the way that one thinks about their future in a relationship is all too real, for relationships can fade away without anyone at fault. Done in a way that feels outright gorgeous, with a nearly late-night contemplative take, the sound has a tenderness to it. By keeping it so wonderfully confessional his monologue adds to the sense of drama that permeates the whole of the track, with the melody seemingly working as a neat counterpoint.

“LEANINGTHEWRONGWAY” shows off the nimble dexterous storytelling skills of Rexide as he dissects a world and a concern that is all too universal



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