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Rhys Crowther utilizes a stripped-down, bare-bones take on the blues with the simple loveliness.

Rhys Crowther - Parallel Lines

Rhys Crowther utilizes a stripped-down, bare-bones take on the blues with the simple loveliness of “Parallel Lines”. Forgoing electric, this is all acoustic and straight from the soul. His voice has an honesty to it one that has a refreshing realness about it. The guitar work has a rawness to it for he takes up the similar stylings of the Mountain Goats and the Iron & Wine in terms of sheer feeling. With these two singular elements they intertwine to create a universe that has a vividness about it. By keeping things to these essentials there is a confessional quality to every line, with each word chosen in a careful delicate way.

Much of the piece is about that balance, the mixture of emotions that runs through it. From yearning to delight to tenderness, it comes into view in a way that adds to its intimacy. His vocals have an intimacy to them, like listening to an old friend for the first time in a long time. By this overflow of information, the approach becomes apparent – one that takes the roots of soulful folk and manages to bring it into this very moment. His guitar playing has a strength to it, one that anticipates how to punctuate the power of his words, for the two elements are intertwined perfectly. Additionally he never fully resolves that initial spark of tension, instead letting it build.

“Parallel Lines” features a powerful amount of narrative mixed with poetry, proving Rhys Crowther to be an exceptional storyteller.



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