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Ri Wolf hits every note with perfection on the bluesy “Texas Rose”.

Ri Wolf – Texas Rose

Ri Wolf hits every note with perfection on the bluesy “Texas Rose”. Played and sung with true grit, this piece contains so much heart. A mere voice and a guitar are all that is required for there is a kindness about the piece, one that invites the listener into this small intimate world. The guitar here has a simplicity to it. Every gesture here is carefully thought over, in a way that adds to its physicality. When paired with his powerful vocals, he goes way deep into the roots of the blues. Rhythm-wise has the same experience for patience is the trick here, as every single moment matters. Full of a greatness to it, the way that he pours his heart into it proves to be the true joy of it.

From the first moment the inertia is there. Playing the guitar with such soul he lets the pace emerge with ease. A driving tempo of sorts there is a forcefulness that one emerges from it. Nor does he ever let up. Clear chords radiate on throughout, as references to John Fahey’s American Primitive style alongside the older performers also take form. Upon the inclusion of his voice the thing really soars. Less of a song and more of a conversation the way that every word is considered. Energy is kept up and there is a fire to the way he sculpts the sound.

“Texas Rose” features a greatness to it, one that shows off Ri Wolf’s power as a storyteller with verses that cascade downwards.




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