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Rich Lown & His Piano Is All We Need Right Now

Rich Lown’s piano release “A Place Where I Call Home” is an ode to heartache and a tale of heart-felt confessions....

Amidst club thumping blow outs, Lown’s stripped down melody and emotive voice carve out a circle for those who long for the unfiltered.

The artist is making a statement with the dual version song - which comes in both an acoustic and piano rendition. It's a connection Lown and the listener alike crave, and it is precisely why he took the road away from the mainstream when it came to this song. This is a song not merely to be danced off, but to savour. It is sure to transcend into the lives of all those listening.

This devotion to authentic artistry has made many eyes spot Lown and his presence. Especially after touring 15 exclusive venues with the legendary Joan Armatrading and appearing in several TV and Film features.

The list of his accolades expands all the way to songwriting credits and chart performances placing him in the top twenty on itunes in his genre. It is still the terrain beneath the shiny armour that defines Lown and the gold that makes him authentically himself. Rich Lown and his piano is all we need right now.

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