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Rich Lown Releases Soulful Single ‘A Place Where I Call Home’

Rich Lown’s music is often a moment of catharsis for the listener. From the hugely successful single ‘Right From Your Wrongs’ to the stunning single ‘Let The Cables Sleep,’ Rich Lown has never failed to deliver music driven by real, raw, relatable emotion. His latest release ‘A Place To Call Home’ is no different. In its premiere, this single was rooted in the acoustic realm. Now, Rich Lown is releasing a reincarnated rendition — and it’s a powerhouse of a piano ballad. Rich Lown boasts a hugely diverse discography that often fuses folk, rock and soul. Rich Lown’s body of work proves that songs can be popular and still be soulful. His latest single is popular, powerful and undeniably touches your soul.

‘A Place To Call Home’ is pouring with passion. Its theme is centred on that all-too familiar yearning to belong. We have all felt lost, floating throughout life with no sense of grounding. Well, this single supplies the home for that floundering feeling. Rich Lown’s ability to sew a single feeling into the tapestry of a track is second to none. His vocals sail over the soundscape with all the power and passion you could expect from such a seasoned performer. Having toured with Brit Award nominee Joan Armatrading, played support slots for Boyzone, finished in the top 10 of ‘Open Mic UK’ and bagged a Top 20 iTunes album, it’s no surprise that Rich Lown boasts such an impactful performance presence. The piano plays a powerful part in this single. Almost echoing the emotive notions offered by Rich, grace notes and delicate chord extensions decorate the accompaniment. Rich supplies subtle changes that sway with the emotion of the song, allowing the intimate moments to be all the more engulfing. ‘A Place To Call Home’ has been remoulded magically by Rich Lown with this piano ballad. Each melody, lyrical meaning and intimate moment is made all the more mesmerising in this rendition.


Listen to ‘A Place Where I Call Home - Piano’ on SPOTIFY NOW



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