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Riflebirds go for a raw, rollicking groove on the classic cadence of “Debra”.

Riflebirds – Debra

Riflebirds go for a raw, rollicking groove on the classic cadence of “Debra”. Done with such dignity, one can hear the anthemic 70s rock influence throughout the whole of the sound. A dazed, hazy quality filters on into the fray allowing the song to gain a particular playfulness. Interplay has a fantastic feel about it, from the giddy keyboards that adorn the sound to the fuzzed-out guitar all the way to the vocalist whose voice seems like it comes from another time. References abound from Thee Oh Sees to the equally wild antics of Jay Reatard’s unhinged, cacophonous work.

They get started immediately, no buildup or anything they just burst onto the scene. One easily can get lost in the hypnotic groove of the thing, for the layering here is a true joy. Infinitely catchy there is a feral spirit that they capture ever so perfectly over the course of the sound. Volume is an absolute must for theirs is a physical presence. With a rather live sound, it feels reminiscent of going to a large, unruly summer concert. Lyrics further add to this disoriented delirious presence for they piece all of these elements together until they become something virtually intoxicated. On the latter half of the song they slowly let the whole thing unspool until it washes over the listener in a gigantic, massive wave.

Such a faithful true to rock’s best and most underrated era, Riflebirds goes right for the heart of the matter with the intense energy of “Debra”.



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