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Rime Salmi Releases a Vibrant Ode to the Arab LGBTQ Community

Moroccan-Canadian Artist Rime Salmi has released a music video for her latest single, a cover of nostalgic classic “Batwanes Beek.”

It features Rime and three well-known dancers in the Montreal LGBTQ scene proudly using the city as an urban catwalk. Vibrant colours, aesthetic wide shots, and evocative closeups are shot across the backdrop of Montreal’s beautiful urban art spaces.

The video is a statement of solidarity and a push for visibility of the global LGBTQ community by celebrating music, dance, authenticity, and pride in an urban landscape. The video is testament to being proud of every part of who you are, from your heritage and story to who and how you love.

Director Reda Lahmouid says, “A fusion of beauty, self-acceptance, flamboyance, and unapologetically, taking over the public space to show the world that we are here, we exist in our diversity, and we won't hide!”

A strong LGBTQ ally, Rime says, “This video is a scream. This video is a statement. This video is a manifesto. Arab LGBTQ+ people exist, love and love one another... and it’s something to celebrate.”


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