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Rising Star 815Callaway Putting On For The Midwest

Rising star 815Callaway is putting on for the Midwest with his incredible work ethic and talent. His bars are clever and concise, making him one of the main voices coming out of the region. With his latest single “Five Guys” taking over the internet and high anticipation on his upcoming releases, 815Callaway is in a lane of his own.

Hailing from Dekalb County, Illinois, 815Callaway had the influence of Chicago and the rest of the Midwest in his grasp from early on. He began rapping in 2018, inspired by artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Sean. A sharp thinker, 815Callaway uses his music as a way to motivate fans and relate to their everyday lives. On his newest song, “Five Guys”, he puts on a lyrical display to show the difference between him and other rappers. With new music slated to drop August, there’s no limits to where 815Callaway can take his career.

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