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Robby and the Secret delve into a restrained classical form of psychedelic rock.

Robby and the Secret - Keeps us Going

Robby and the Secret delve into a restrained classical form of psychedelic rock with the stunningly beautiful “Keeps us Going”. By ensuring that every single element is in place they sculpt a serene world. The usage of the heartbeat that introduces it bring to mind a bit of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” working nicely as an anchor to the rest of the track. Guitar work feels refined for there is a blues aesthetic to the way they take their time in building the piece on up. Vocals serve as the very core of the whole thing, from which all else follows. Nor does he show – his words and delivery possess fire with a clear-eyed intensity.

The whole of the piece remains rather quiet as there is a meditative presence about it. Cyclical in nature, the arrangement has a hypnotic expansive groove to it. With the deliberate pacing it pulls the listener into an entire world. His lyrics are stellar though, a wonderful mixture of storytelling and observations on the state of the modern world. Deep within the message is one of defiance, of rising up beyond all that that keeps people down, to persevere regardless of what might happen. Thus, the true soul of the track is one of cautious optimism, of knowing that the future can and should be better than this.

“Keeps us Going” features the great range of Robby and the Secret in creating a sprawling, truly ambitious work that pulls psychedelic rock into the modern era.



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