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“RockCityMehDehYah” a sound that draws from the past yet is very much rooted in the present.

Simeon “CushAra” Emmanuel Thompson – RockCityMehDehYah

Simeon “CushAra” Emmanuel Thompson gives the classic reggae sound a modern sense of flair on the gentle grooves of “RockCityMehDehYah”. Bass here looms large as it should for it is a fantastic piece of bliss. Rhythms take their time with the languid pacing adding to the reflective atmosphere of the entire work. By far though the true heart and soul comes from his incredible vocals. Sung with such passion and pathos, the piece’s lyricism is powerful. A mixture of allegory, allusions, and elements of faith all blend together into a swirling cascading sea one that is a pure joy to behold.

The careful, emotional tenor of the piece begins immediately. A delicate melody emerges out of the rhythm as the piece fully settles. His voice proves to be the true centre of the entire piece from which all else flows. Delivery here has a gentle, kind presence to it for he sings from a life lived to the fullest. Over the course of the track the listener is brought on a sun-drenched journey with so much detail packed into the proceedings. By emphasizing a sense of self and looking for purpose, the piece is quite poignant in its impeccable exploration. Layer upon layer is brought into the fray further adding to the all-encompassing spirit that seems to very much define the whole of the work.

“RockCityMehDehYah” shows off Simeon “CushAra” Emmanuel Thompson’s deft skill in crafting a sound that draws from the past yet is very much rooted in the present.



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