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Rogue Proxy goes into hard rock’s very fury with the intense muscle of “Paparazzi Sniper”.

Rogue Proxy - Paparazzi Sniper

Rogue Proxy goes into hard rock’s very fury with the intense muscle of “Paparazzi Sniper”. Everything within the sound has a sheer wall of volume to it. The riffs have an angular quality to them. Layer upon layer gets filtered into the mix in a way that has a grandeur to it. Vocals rise above the rest of the din for they contain such commanding presence to it. Word choice helps the verses convey such a wide breadth of options. Genre-wise framed in hard rock, they incorporate pieces of funk, glam, and more into this highly original whole.

Not a moment is wasted for the band bursts out on the scene with an intrepid sense of stride. From this element they build upon everything allowing it to feel so incredible. The visceral energy proves to be completely infectious as it veers wildly from side to side. Volume is a given for this is the sort of approach that deserves to be completely dived into, for there is no escape from such a fully realized tenor. Rhythms vary too for they range from the wide-expansiveness of driving rock to something a bit infectious. Over the course of the piece they incorporate a whole ton of different methods of attack, for the piece swirls about ensuring that it absolutely crushes anything and everything in its path all the way to the bright burst of color that indicates the end of the piece.

“Paparazzi Sniper” features the undeniable chops of Rogue Proxy for they deliver a whole wild world one that has an unhinged energy to it.

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