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Roi Bars offers a wild, unhinged spirit on the pure defiance of “Run From The Police”.

Roi Bars - Run From The Police

Roi Bars offers a wild, unhinged spirit on the pure defiance of “Run From The Police”. Stylistically they embrace a pure chaos for the tempos are on fire. The vocals further heighten the anxiety that races through the entirety of the piece. Genre-wise they are all over the place, from elements of post-punk to EDM to pop and everything else in between. By being so absolutely their own thing their message, one of fear and of trying to escape, gains that particular poignancy that helps to imbue the track with a strong purpose.

The beginning of the song is equally stylish, for they use a sample that heralds the rather cinematic way that they execute the rhythm. By far the rhythm works as the pure focal point of it all as everything about it stems from it. From the vocalist’s delivery to the way that the riffs have this repetitive, almost-mantra like quality to them, it all features its own balance to it. Over the course of the journey, they bring layer upon layer into the mix making sure that the density keeps on increasing. Tremendous detail adds to the living, breathing quality of the sound as if someone is desperately trying to convey a deep, meaningful narrative in not a lot of time. Nicely reflecting what came before, rather than a fade-out they simply abruptly end the song lending to its intense aura.

A sense of urgency underpins Roi Bars’ “Run From The Police” as they capture the zeitgeist of the times in a way that feels perfect.



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