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Rory Gillanders Releases Captivating New EP 'Wilderness'

Dublin-based Rory Gillanders is an artist and songwriter who developed a penetrating and endearing sound, capable of charming the audience and instantly connect with people with his vision and creativity. His new release, Wilderness, is indeed a powerful example of what it can accomplish. This music will definitely keep you on the edge of your sit, because there are so many amazing and mesmerizing creative influences bringing a unique touch to the project!

There isn’t anything quite like it out there, but if you really had to compare this artist’s work with that of other performers, it is safe to say that you might indeed enjoy this if you are a fan of Bright Eyes, Wilco, and Ed Patrick, among others. Point in case, Rory Gillanders’s music should most definitely be your cup of tea if you like indie-folk music with an edgier, more personal feel that eludes the usual cookie-cutter approach.

Learn more about Rory Gillanders’s music, and in particular, don’t miss out on Wilderness, which is now available on the web, including Spotify:

Watch the music video for 'Eye of a Hurricane':

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