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Ruiz! experiments within a pop context on the kaleidoscopic “Falling”.

Ruiz! – Falling

Ruiz! experiments within a pop context on the kaleidoscopic “Falling”. Subverting listener expectations every step of the way, elements of hyper-pop alongside dance enter into the equation. Genre-wise they incorporate a lot into the sound. By far though the heart comes from the lyrics. Verses possess a cryptic element to them making their exact intention somewhat unclear. Over the course of the experience they have a lot of soul to bring into the density of the sound. As the song continues they constantly bring an ever-larger degree of flourishes into the very fray making sure there is a poignancy to be experienced, one that has a true power to it.

Things start off with a minimal take. From there the rest of the track comes into bloom quite quickly. Done with dignity everything here has a keen balance to it. Much of the work makes sure to pay attention to the smallest of details, resulting in a style that feels quite welcoming. A journey of sorts emerges for the word choice here reflects a dream-like state, one that veers constantly in and out of view. By ensuring that every single piece of the sound works there is a decency to be found, one that features just the right emotional cadence to it. For the finale he lets go, running the work more in a way that indicates emotional growth rather than a more traditional musical framing.

“Falling” revels in the exquisite detail that Ruiz! shows off within their work resulting in a truly memorable, diamond-in-the-rough sort of experience.



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