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RUNOFFBROKE Releases a “Soundtrack to Your Local Riot”

Irish rapper RUNOFFBROKE has released a punk-trap tune, “ATILLA THA HUN.” The dark, energetic banger features RUNOFFBROKE’s signature quick and clever rhymes, but with a heavier sound than his usual releases.

Elina: Tell us about the inspiration behind the track.

RUNOFFBROKE: Me and NINETY7HERTZ were discussing a festival we went to in Berlin where they played artists like XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God. As much as we loved the music, what we really loved was the reaction of the crowd. They responded to the music with this insane energy and forty-foot-wide mosh pits. It was cool to see that kind of crowd at a hip-hop gig.

Elina: So the track was inspired by re-imagining that energy through your music?

RUNOFFBROKE: “Exactly. That punk/metal energy mixed with heavy hip-hop beats. NINETY7HERTZ made a beat based on those influences, and the lyrics are inspired by a ruthless character, Attila the Hun. It’s basically me trying to stay the most stupid and messed up things that I can, in a nonchalant way. Kinda like someone bringing up being involved in a bank robbery in the middle of a normal conversation.

Elina: I love that. Can you tell us about how the song was recorded?

RUNOFFBROKE: There were a few of us getting drunk in the studio, and we decided to lay down some takes for the track. No mic stand, no pop shield, just me holding the mic and screaming into it, and the boys going crazy after every take. It was cool to capture that screamy-rap energy, and the final takes on the track are from that night.

Elina: I love when final takes are from demo takes or jams. It really captures the energy and it definitely comes through on the track.

RUNOFFBROKE: I imagine the track as a soundtrack to your local riot. The music gives you that hectic, wild energy and confidence. It makes you feel like you could go straight through a barricade of cops like a bowling ball.

Bio: 21-year-old RUNOFFBROKE (Jordan Wilson) started writing music at 11, and by 13 was playing gigs and signed to underground label Mic-A-Blaze Records. He worked with multiple Irish groups before making his way to Germany to work with Citizen Soldier Entertainment. He has toured in the US and Germany, supporting artists like Infidelix alongside Papke. After two years in Berlin, Jordan returned to Ireland in 2019 and has since been working on new music, gigging, and building his team. Known for his dark humour and haunting music videos, he has released an EP and several singles. His past releases have seen him featured on major national blogs, Spotify editorial playlists, and national radio.


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